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As it happens, I'm just in the middle of trying out that exact same 5x5 dual factor training program.

The cynic in me says that despite the fancy name, there's nothing really all that clever about it - it just imposes variety in the program by switching between high volume and high intensity. Still, I've had good results with another routine based on the same theory. It only applied the theory to shoulder workouts, so it will be interesting to see how the body copes with working every muscle the same way.

My main concern is that you only do 5 reps in the "volume" phase. Sure you do it three times a week, but that still doesn't seem like volume to me. It also means the "intensity" phase (at 3 reps) isn't all that different from the volume. I can't help wondering if higher reps would be more beneficial during the volume phase. Anyway, I'm trying this just as written for now, then I might have a play around with it next time.

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