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Pre workout stimulants


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I used to be a fan of the old ECA stack for giving me a bit of a kick before workouts. However with ephedrine's demise I'm curious if there is a product which sets the standard as far as pre workout stimulants go.

Sometimes I'm sleep deprived & I'm thinking of using something to help with my focus.

Can anyone help?

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I had some good results with L-Tyrosine caps. Because they're not a stimulant, they didn't seem to do much for my energy levels but my concentration and focus was much better during workouts, especially towards the end of RP sets.

I was only taking 500 - 1000mg before workouts but someone told me they needed 3000mg to notice anything.

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How about AMP by ergopharm? Two caps = focus, four caps = death. Talk about a kick in the arse.

As for that creatine blast drink...might as well chew hubba bubba. Tastes the same!

I love that AMP I usualy took 3 for a big boost but 2 did just fine. bought mine from overseas though.

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I've always found that if you eat a good meal 2 to 3 hours before a work out that gives me a bit of energy before the workout. than heaps of water through out the day, especially now with the heat etc. a Sugar free V on my way in the door and I'm off. :) one of these days I;ll try something harder.

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