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reps in training


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hi all

this will get all brains thinking

why is it when we see mag and videos or dvd's

they all say its heavy weights and low reps that work

and as we know if you want mass its high protein and special supplemnts

and for cuts cardio and protein

why can it be high reps and heavy weight like la muscle says in his training jounal in this site

as have just seen him win a show on video and his shape and quility of muscle looked so much better then the rest of the guys

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Bodybuilding theory seems to go in cycles. It used to be "known" that the 10-12 rep range was the best for size gains, and 4-6 reps were best for strength. Currently the fashion is towards lower reps for size as well. But give it a few years, and the trend will change again. :D

For what it's worth, I usually stick between 8-15 reps. It's a wide enough range to give me variety, and it's not so low that my joints complain.

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its different for everyone................................

you have to find what works for you

what he said.

Some people seem to always train below 6 reps and grow like crazy, others train in the same range and get strong as hell but very little hypertrophy gains.

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Pseudonym -

Was just thinking about this and I could almost bet you that if you put out a new book or dvd and promoted it ad nauseum on the tele or something along the lines of say '1 rep sets' for power, strength, toning and sexy tight tight buns you would make a fortune. I honestly think that the more gimmicky a product (and hence the more ridiculous it is) the more likely it will sell better. If you were to advertise a book based on sound methodology for bodybuilding liefstyle nobody would buy it.

This seems to ring true when you see all the dieting crap they sell and then you hear the sound reasoned approach of people who actually know what they are talking about and you just don't want to listen coz it hasn't got that 'wow factor' shit like drinking your own piss or something.

and I'd tend to agree with u that 8 - 15 seems about right to me - any less for me is just asking for trouble joint wise and any more means my form is going to the pack.

Haha - remembering back to my early days when invariably some old geezer would saunter up to me when I was pumped to the max and say 'back in my day we'd do em like this now try doing 5 MY way' and invariably the old dude would be about 130 pounds of skin and bone and probably was about 10 pound of bone heavier at his all time bb career peak before the osteoporosis set in.

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Nah... low reps have been done to death. I think 2006 should be the year for 100+ pyramid reps. It's long been "known" that the extra pump from higher volume stretches the muscle fascia and induces growth. We could be onto something here, badboy! :D

Seriously, though, I think there is a place for both really high volume AND really low volume. It just depends on where your body is at right now. If your muscles have adapted to high volume, try some low stuff. If you've reached a sticking point with low reps, try the high stuff. If you can't make progress in one direction, change direction and do something else. I think I've just justified fence-sitting! Shame it doesn't sell like the wow-factor gimmicks in magazines, eh?

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