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Morning guys,

Ebody.co.nz just increased their price of Dymatize from $69.95to $94.95(pathetic) :evil: and i have got this other cheap powder from them (Extreme EFX) for 69.95, but it sucks( its too filling and gived a bloated feeling and doesnt mix well)........ i luv dymatize and just wish to know if u guyz know someone who is still selling them for a cheaper price( around $69-$75).......

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delpreet u sed u live out west well xtreme nutrition has dymatize 5lbs for $69.95 heaps of flavours.

and the miada products used to be real good but i think the quality of them has dropped abit.

alot of places are really overpriced so get on the net or ring around make sure yr not gettin ripped off

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yeah but thts still pretty cheap.

another cheap powder is one called musashi bulk but im not sure if thts the sort of powder u want

Musashi bulk...probably not a good choice...low protein content and more carbs....waste of pingas. Better off buying more food.

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Hey guys,

Moe's out of the country for a couple of months, but the West Auckland store is still selling the Dymatize 5lb for $70-$75 to their regular customers They will also send it out if you can't get to the store.

ph 836 3994. By the way they are still the cheapest for the liquid egg whites, $9 for 1 litre or $49 for 6x1 litres.

You just have to ask for a deal!

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West Auckland store is still selling the Dymatize 5lb for $70-$75 to their regular customers

What do you mean "regular customers" how would ythey know? I went their to get my first tub of protein powder in november... i think, and i got the Dymatize ELITE for $70. Other places are selling it close to 100... How can i get this deal at the West Auckland store?

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hey yeah... i have also got this bioplez whey in ..... here are the stats.,.... i have just started on this Bioplex Whey In

Bioplex Whey In 4.54kg Price: $126.95

On Sale For: $109.95 Quantity: Flavour Chocolate Vanilla Strawberry

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 4 Scoops (144g)

Servings Per Container: 82 Amount

Per Serving %Daily


Calories 550

Fat Calories 50

Total Fat 6 g *

Saturated Fat 1 g 6%

Cholesterol 0 mg *

Total Carbohydrates 84 g *

Sugars 36 g *

Dietary Fiber 3 g *

Other Carbohydrate 45 g *

Protein 45 g *

Calcium 110 mg *

Sodium 50 mg *

Potassium 162 mg

this is from ebody.co.nz.... wat do u think

ps. i kinda like it and tastes allright as well..... i have started on this once a day and i use the dymatize 2wice....

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aye??? i think yr wrong.

if u say the servings r 144g (4 scoops)

and u get 82 servings per container

and the tub weighs wat? bout 5 kg if tht.

doesnt make sense.

if u wanted tht many serves

it would have to weight round 11.8 kg.

no wonder it sounds great.

u might of made a mistake buying it.

u should check it out again

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