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question 4 jono


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Just wondering what the reaction has been from friends & family over your big size & wieght increase in the last year(good or bad).


family = think im crazy :grin:

they all tell me dont get any bigger, why would you want to be bigger, whats wrong with you etc.

friends is a bit of a different story.

most of my friends who are guys are like damn man, you got really big. how much can u bench ? how do i get that big ?

most girls i know are like wow ur chest/arms/shoulders look good.

thats about it really. sometimes i get into convos with ppl i dont even know about it. eg. was at supermarket and the checkout guy was asking me how to get big etc

hope this helps..

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Was just wondering how people react,i'm only about 82kg and my wife still does'nt seem to understand me wanting 2 eat heaps & do wieghts to get bigger after doing it 4 a few years, just seems strange to some people i guess.


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At my first bulk cycle Family thought it was absolutely hilarious and thought it was a passing fad. Theyre still worried that I eat so much :pfft:

Gf, she doesnt undertand need to get big. She doesnt want me to be bigger than 85 kg lean (below 12% bf).

My ideas are a bit different... 95kg lean, ah well I havent told her that, lets see how long its going to take her to realize.

yeah the coolest thing is having clothes that fit you 3 months ago stretched past capacity and friends going " WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU" ??

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Being bigger means you're "healthy" in my culture (tongan)... so my family and friends dont bother me so much in the offseason when I'm trying to bulk.

The cutting phase is another story though. I get hassled about losing weight too fast, looking too skinny... even the veins on my arms get the family all riled up.

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