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Nutrition and the sexes


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I've been doing some research on the optimal human diet. It seems that most pre-agricultural humans subsisted mainly on meat and used plant matter much in the same way as we would use vitamin supplements. The Inuit, for example, ate a 100% meat diet with the exception of the stomach content of ruminant animals. Ideally we would emulate this diet, at least to the extent of cutting out agricultural seed foods (wheat, maize, potatoes etc. and associated products), thus avoiding all the toxins, antinutrients and empty calories they contain.

The question arises though, as to whether there is a difference between and optimal diet for men and women. I've seen it speculated that men do better on a diet of largely meat and animal fat, whereas women have a greater carbohydrate craving, since they need a layer of fat to safely breed, and so need more fruit and starchy vegetables. This fits with many cultures that regard animal products as inherently "masculine" and fruits and vegetables as "feminine". Does anyone know of any research on the subject.

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I downloaded a nutritional and diet plan excersize a few months back that touched on the same topic (for 5 pages or so), they seemed to agree with what you said as far as i understand, the bastards used so many medical terms that i really wasn't sure what i was reading... and hence, gave up.

I will have a search for that pdf for you.

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