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Boost your metabolic rate - by Chris Aceto


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Written by: Chris Aceto

Your metabolic rate -- the speed at which you burn calories -- has a major effect on whether you make great gains or just pretty good gains without adding much bodyfat. If your metabolism tends to be on the slow side, you'll likely struggle to build mass without putting on bodyfat. On the other hand, those with superfast metabolic rates can find adding muscle mass extremely difficult. These three nutrition tips can put a mild boost in your calorie-burning engine. If you're trying to bulk up yet remain lean, these recommendations are a sure bet for a more muscular physique.

#1. Try “Three/Oneâ€

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No, your metabolism is based on how fast you burn calories. We all process energy at a slightly different rate - this is the metabolism.

How fast you shit out food is based on how much food you push through your system, I think. That, and prunes. :P

also fiber intake

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but just because someone has a high metab doesnt mean ther a hardgainer right???

Generally yes.The fast metabolism burns calories ultra fast and to put on muscle size excess calories are needed to gain weight (muscle and some fat)

The biggest problem is eating enough food to get a weight gain Without enough food you cannot grow muscle but what weight you do put on is mostly muscle.

Also some young guys (16-24) are loaded with naturally produced testosterone.This plays a big part in being lean, just watch as they get older(speaking from personal experience).So you young guys capitalise on your test levels now as when you hit late 20's, down she goes albeit slowly especially if you do intensive exercise.

You can get you testosterone levels measured through your doctor and then you can use this information to structure your whole prgramme, training,rest and eating.It all helps.

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