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when to take Cell-tech?


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Hi guys

first post woah!

ok to start it of i have this question in my head for ages i never been hard to ask in the people in the gym.

i am using creatine right now taking it for 3 weeks now i use cell-tech it says that take 2 scoop after workout, buy my mate says take it before workout 1 hour before workout? im not sure about this can someone clear me up?

also what does BCCA do ? and where to get it cheap what brand to buy.

right now i'm just taking Cell-tech and Whey protein

20 years old



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Hi mate (and welcome).

Generally speaking, creatine taken after the workout will help your recovery. Creatine taken before the workout will help your strength, and may produce a better pump.

BCAAs are like ultra-refined protein. When you digest protein, it gets broken down into amino acids, and this is what the BCAAs are. Some people swear by them for taking post-workout. Others think they're too expensive and you can get much the same effect with a good whey protein for a fraction of the cost. Personally, I'm in the latter group. :)

Hope that helps.

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