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Arm training - less or more??


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I've been reconsidering my workout routine and something I've noticed is that while most of my bodyparts have responded well to the low volume/high frequency routine, my arms haven't really made much progress.

My strength has gone up on all the arm movements but the growth has been minimal.

If everything else besides arms is growing, I have to assume my diet has been OK (well most of the time), so then I'm either overtraining or undertraining my arms.

When I was hitting bis and tris with very intense rest-paused sets, I made very little progress. When I dropped arms to a single straight set per workout, it was a little better but not much.

My initial feeling is that I'm overdoing my arm training even though I usually only do 1 all out workset for them per workout. Doesn't sound like much but it's been enough for everything else.

So my options are:

a. Start adding extra sets and or movements to each arm workout.

b. Drop the frequency of arm training to allow more recovery.

At this stage, I think I'll go with option b and see what happens - so I'll probably only train arms half as often for a month or so.

Any thoughts or advice?

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i had this problem. i put ~ 4" on my arms this year.

you really need to focus on feeling the muscle work/contract etc. i found this really helped me.

i would drop the rest pause stuff. stick to the basics.

i would NOT train bis after back, and would not train tris after chest. also make sure you back workout and bi workout are far enough apart not to mess with each other, same goes for tris/chest.

i found multiple sets works best for me

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Tough one to answer Ash as i have tried both of sides of the ledger and my arms are still crap !!!!

But here is what i have found both work !!!

usually i will do high volume training for several weeks then start to feel burnt out and strained so i switch to low volume workouts for the following 5-6 weeks this seems to keep good stimulas-- i think the key is the intesity-- i can train bis in 10 minutes if i had to and feel as though it was beneficial as long as the intensity and weight is good !!!

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I trained Chest/Tri Back/Bi for most of last year, i found it okay, my tris definately liked it, not so much the bis.

Ive been contemplating doing just chest one day, just back another day, and then later on in the week doing a specific bi/tri workout.

Ive had success with that in the past so yeah...i may revisit it.

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i had this problem. i put ~ 4" on my arms this year.

34 kg weight gain, 29" thighs and now you are telling us you have put 4" on your arms in just one year. Look, I am really sorry Jono but now I am actually going to have to kill you... :grin:

its all about eating

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