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Battle of the Sexes - Bodybuilding


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Nowadays, many BB women are more muscular than amateur BB men (and MUCH more than untrained men of course).

Many of the girls you see at Ms O HW level would out gun most BB's you see in comps in NZ.

Check out these comparison photo's - in most cases men can have equal upper body, but in nearly all, the women have superior leg development!!






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I did say amateur, did I not?

It's an interesting idea though that women have just as great potential for strength and muscle growth as men - and the competition ripped look.

Scientists calculated female sprinters are closing in on the mens 100m time more so then the men can do better times - if the trend continued (which it likely won't) the first woman would clock a better time by 2170(?)

Another comparison is to match them "pound for pound" - how about against "normal" men and women. Sure the guys are obielsy muscle bound and large, but so are the women in comparison to normal women.

It was just be embaressing being a guy bb having to pose next to a chick who's buffer in every way - would happen at qualifiers all the time.

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this is un-representative comparing pros to amatuers.

You posted pictures of the best female bodybuilders in the world against half ass male bbers

Lets see the top 5 males in the world against the top 5 females, there is no way they are equal or in the same league.

Are you a bodybuilder yourself or just some guy with female body builder fetish of some sort, reading your posts it seems this way.

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men are born with 30% more muscle mass than women, we have a massive advantage from the word go, as men grow the average musclemass difference is 50% because we develop muscle much faster than women... this is because of testosterone.

Women can only ever equal a mans physical ability (if equal diets and excersize are considered) by subjecting herselfs to the larger ammounts of test that we are born with and grow with.

Every single female bodybuilder you posted is on the juice.

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Agree the men pros are also beasts & probably twice the size.

Understand the fact that men have naturally more muscle, but still like the idea of the boy vs girl thing in competitive sport.

Some of those women are probably on juice - the strong jawline and large nose are usually giveaways. A hairy zitty arse and clitoris penis are also very nasty clues.

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Did anyone catch the Doco on TVOne last week.. on Joanna Thomas? Supersize She? I watched this with my wife.. who is appreciative of bodybuilding and the commitment.. She has a fitness level muscularity.

We both thought that Joanna was actually quite sad and pathetic.. Her obsession turned ugly. She had a great figure when she was in her young 20s, then obviously juiced herself into oblivion before turning 30.

FWIW I'm a fan of fitness level and female bodybuilding.. but there is a definite line between preserving the beautiful aesthetics of the female form through muscular expression versus trying to look like Markus Ruhl.

NZ females have the figure thing down. We have some good fitness competitors here! Here's one that I thought had some great potential.. from Dunedin Classic last year..


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Hey buddy thats Nola Tonks and she competes in bodybuilding not fitness.

She has won National titles and plenty of Regional titles so yes she does have potential.She also finished 3rd in the Australasians last year

She has also beaten cancer and has made an amazing comeback but she does not blow her own trumpet so has a low profile.Her husband Warren also competes and does extremely well.They are a credit to bodybuilding.

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