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Hi all!


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Hi there, what martial arts are you doing ? and what sort of ex's do you concentrate on for your sport ?

Hey i've been doing Martial Arts for 9 years now , started off with Taekwondo for 3years, Kickboxing for 6 and Kung Fu for 3 but now i am wanting to start Kyokushin i just havn't found the martial art that suits me yet.

The exercises i focus on are...

flexibility, i stretch up to 2 hours a day , 1 hour in the morning and 1 in the evening.

For Strength training i do 15kgs 20x12 reps (bicep curls)

10-20 repititions of 60 pressups on knuckles.

Hand conditioning e.g. hitting boxing bag bare fisted for an hour a day.

Then cardio i just shadow box and trick and with tricking it really hits your body after about an hour. I usually trick 2-3 days a week.

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Hey mate, welcome. Someone (probably through this site) told me about tricking a while back. It seemed very cool. How big is it in NZ?

Interesting you should turn up now - just this morning we were talking about the Male Fitness class in bodybuilding competitions. It focuses less on building a massive physique, and more on putting together an athletic routine with flips, cartwheels, etc. Probably the sort of thing a tricker would be very good at. :wink:

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Tricking isn't very big in NZ at all! though there is going to be a Tricking gathering in Auckland around the 12th of January i hope i can get there!

Haha o really? yeah i've seen some of those fitness comps, one of my heros in bodybuilding Antoine he sometimes does flips in his comps, he's not famous but he's also a tricker and has a great physique!

He was one of the top teens on bodybuilding.com


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