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Hello all


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Just saying hi!

Recently decided I was sick of my mediocre body (6'0, ~74kg, ~15% body fat [according to those online calculators]) so I've started hitting the gym and trying to eat big.

Stole my routine from the first article on this page and have been trying to eat 5-6 times a day with the odd meal replaced by a protein shake.

I'm a student working full time at the moment and I'm finding it difficult to get my meals sorted for during the day. Any hints for that?

On a more positive note I feel I've made some good progress so far. For almost all of my exercises I've been making improvements each week. I've got to 77/78kgs, but haven't noticed much of a physical difference yet (haven't uploaded the photos off my camera yet). Oh yeah, that's over about a 2 1/2 week span.

I've made half-hearted efforts at going to the gym before but I feel this time I am completely committed to achieving my goal (which is to general get bigger, stronger and cut the fat). I just need a bit of guidance!

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