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Genuine Online NZ Supplement store ?


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Hi Guys and Girls, im coming over from the uk to live (emmigrating) so i am doing the usual of sourcing things i will need/want when i get there. So far i have found two websites that claim to be nz supp shops, however, i later found that they are uk and aus based, prices are high and so is shipping. So do we have a genuine NZ supp store online, if so please post a link for me. Also in particular i will be looking for the obvious, Whey protein concentrate, which here in the uk comes mainly from NZ (ironic) , so where do i find it in NZ ( i am assuming it must be cheap there as its cheap here and it has to come from there!). Many Thanks in advance.

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actually worldwide whey prices will hike up and protein powders are actually quite expensive in nz. even the locally made products with local ingredients eg horleys end up being more expensive than a lot of other products on the market. the best nz based online supp stores r

http://www.nzmuscle.co.nz and http://www.punchsupplements.co.nz

well they might not be the best but they r in my opinion as i have used both of them previously and their customer service is great with a good variety of supps at pretty discounted prices!

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Davis Trading is a food ingredients company that sells WPI & WPC in large amounts (20kg bags).

This is the web address (says nothing on the site about buying protein powder though) http://www.davis.co.nz/contactUs.html .

Flick them a message & find out what their prices are - I've never bought from them but a few others around here have.

I do however constantly buy from http://www.nzmuscle.co.nz & am very happy with their service & quick delivery (next day at the latest).

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