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So what's really in your NO-Xplode?


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Class action lawsuit against BSN. Looks like the magic ingredient in their cellmass, no-xplode, and nitrix, CEM3 or Creatine Ethyl Ester Malate, may well just be good old creatine monohydrate!


If this is true, the 3000% growth BSN have experienced over the last few years (that's a shitload of cash in profit terms I'll wager) has been at the expense of us foolish, gullible punters.

I am a no-xplode user, or at least have purchased a few tubs in my time, and have to admit I also was fooled by the fancy red container, boatload of caffeine, and big pecs after chest day. I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS REAL ANYMORE!

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I personally havent used BSN no explode, found it pricey. But tried differen o products, a custom blend from trueprotein (25us$) and not I got a few tubs of ASN from BB.com for 18$ and they do the job. I'm taking l-arginine with creatine on days off, an even cheaper alternative.

Still with all the money injected in adverts from muscletech and bsn is hard to resist the hype.

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well at least you got some gains Waldo, You cant be too unhappy with the "big pecs after chest day" :pfft:

I know a few people who have really enjoyed and gained from this, so I guess they cant complain, but I do not support false advertising in any way and if that is the case they should be punished.

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