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Outer Thigh Sweep


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This is a weak point for me that I need to improve upon. Tried all the usual close legged hacksquats, close leg presses, sissy squats, walking lunges etc etc. As a result the front of my legs are sweet as are my hamstrings and calves but I just need a bit more size in the lateralis....anyone know of something that will make this area grow....even old school is good....I dont care as long as it works!

Cheers :)

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hi,try doing one leg at a time in the leg extention so you can realy contrate on it and lockout at the top of movement ,use a weight witch you need both legs to get to top then remove one leg and hold as long as ya can and control down slow as you can,think about the muscle your training at that time and try to get more nuro- contection with it,make it stand up,shake,shift its shape eg...then do your squats after that

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