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(as of 16 November 2007)

The Championships.

The IFBB NZ Amateur, Elite & Professional BB Championships will be held on:

Date: Saturday 15th March 2008.

Venue: The Trust Stadium.

Address: 65 Central Park Drive, Henderson, Waitakere City, Auckland,

New Zealand.

Contact Details of Venue : Website: http://www.thetrustsstadium.co.nz

Event Organisers & Promoters:

Mark Stewart & Moe Moussaoui.

Contact Details: Ph #: + 64 9 8364356, + 64 21 949818

Fax #: + 64 9 8363223

Email: jo-mark@xtra.co.nz or nzfbb@hotmail.com

Website: http://www.nzebb.co.nz please note that this website is currently under constructions & should be up & running by December the 1st 2007

Event Agenda.

Prejudging for the Amateur division starts at 9.00am - 12.00pm.

Prejudging for the Pro Division starts at 1.00pm - 2.00pm.

Finals for the Amateur will start at 3.00pm - 6.00pm.

Prejudging & Finals for the Elite class will start at 6.30pm - 8.00pm.

The Finals for the Pro Division will start at 8.00pm - 10.00pm.

Who is eligable to compete in the Amateur and the Elite Event?

The Amateur event is open to any competitor in Physique, Figure and BodyFitness as per any NZFBB competition. and all judging and classes are judged and staged as any NZFBB event, however all competitors must join the NZFBB to compete

(Please note that this event is not a drug tested event)

Who is eligable to compete in the Elite Event?

All Class winners from the Mens Amateur Division (Jrs,Masters,Novices & Open) will proceed ahead to compete for Prize money in the Elite Class and any other Male International Elite competitor who has been selected by their own IFBB national federation.

Female Figure & Physique Overall winners (3rd to 1st) will receive attractive prize package of up to USD$500 during the regional event however females are unable to enter in the Elite Event

Prize Money.

Elite Class: Total prize money of USD$10,000 which will be paid to the top ten placing.

Pro Division: Total prize money of USD$20,000 which will be paid to the top five placing.

The Elite Class & the Pro Division winner will receive an IFBB Trophy & all athletes will receive an IFBB Medal.

Female Figure & Physique Overall winners (3rd to 1st) will receive attractive prize package of up to 500USD during the regional event

IFBB Judges.

The Amateur Division will be judged by NZFBB NZ Judges.

The Elite class & the Pro Division will be judged by IFBB International & Professional Judges.

We have four judges from NZ, two from Australia plus Pawel Fillerborn form Europe.

There maybe Elite athletes from other countries competing therefore they may have some IFBB International & Pro Judges travelling with them that we could use. All these IFBB Judges will off course need to show their International Judges Card & must be paid up members with the IFBB Pro League for judging.

Accommodations & Meals.

All invited IFBB Elite & Professional Athletes will have their 3 nites accommodation& 3 meals per day paid for.


Transport from & to the Auckland Airport for Professional and Elite international competitors from Hotel to the Event Venue & return will be taken care of.


Once we received the Pro list from Jim Manion, invitations will be forwarded to IFBB Pro Athletes.

The International Elite Athletes will be invited thru the IFBB once we finalise all the invitations hopefully within three weeks time.


We are hoping to see as many Pro & Elite Athletes coming to NZ for our first ever Amateur, Elite & Pro Championships.

We are planning that these Championships will be your most entertaining, enjoyable & memorable event ever.

All the best & look forward to seeing you all in NZ, 15th March 2008.

Warmest regards,

Mark Stewart.

Event Organiser & Promoter,

NZFBB President.

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Yes, it will be a HUGE day is more ways than one!

Having been to the Australian Pro show a few times, plus guessing the projected cost of running this initial NZ event, it will be interesting to see the ticket prices.

I think I paid $A125 for my finals ticket in Melbourne this year, which I considered well worth it considering the quality of the lineup.

I have no idea what this event in March will cost to watch, but while it won't be cheap, I'm sure it will be worth every cent!

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