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im on the xtra golarge plan (not available now), unlimited gigs , sucks for uploading for some reason but i can download a retail quality dvd 4.7 gb in a day sometimes if enough peers are uploading , i am legend , and american gangster my latest fav dloads also downloading saw 4 at the mo :grin:

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from google.com (i did it for u...)

What is a torrent?

What is a torrent?

A .torrent file is a file that contains the basic information about a file or set of files. This includes the file names, sizes, the date created and some other information. The torrent file also contains an info hash - which is basically just a unique code for that torrent. No other set of file(s) will have the same info hash as this one. The final thing contained inside the torrent is a list of trackers. If you have some torrent files, you can't open them in a text editor because they are encoded. You will need to open them in torrent client software (like Bitcomet which you can install on your computer.

What is a tracker?

A tracker is a computer on the Internet. The tracker's role is to manage live torrent files and keep track of statistics. When you open a torrent file in your client software, your client software contacts the tracker specific to that torrent. You client tells the tracker how much of the actual files (described by the torrent) that you currently have. If you created the torrent - then you probably have 100% of the files described by the torrent. If you downloaded the torrent - then you probably have 0% of the files.

Once your client has told the tracker your current situation, it logs that and gives you what it knows about that torrent. It will tell you that Bill in Arizona has 43% of the files described by the torrent. It will tell you that Kate in Amsterdam has 67% of the torrent.

What is a seeder?

A seeder is a person who has more than 0% of the files described by the torrent. If a torrent has no seeders, then no one (currently talking to the tracker) has anything to give.

What is a leecher/peer?

A peer is a person who is looking for the files described by the torrent. The more peers the more people are actively looking for the files described by the torrent.

Tracktrap has been created to help you find torrents - we search the Internet indexing torrents and updating their status with their trackers. This way you can find the files you are looking for by finding active torrents to use.

..... your welcome :lol:

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I use http://darksiderg.com for torrents. You have to open an account then look for what you want. Accounts are free. There is a guy there who puts movies up in dvd quality at 700MB per movie. I got the simpsons movie 6 months ago in 23 mins. AXXO is one of the torrent uploaders and his are fantastic and can be written to dvd.

You can also download a program called "bit che" it searches all the torrent sites for what your looking for. Beware that some torrents are fake, always check the source page first and look at comments, especially when your getting movies

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iv used darkside the odd time for music nothing else , 700mb xvids dont intrest me. the quality you get from the shop is what im after and thats what youll find at http://www.revolutiontt.net also bluray available on some downloads , its only got the latest so wont disapoint anyone , as i said this weekend is open free for all usually only invite only , great also for tv downloads in hi res like californication , dexter, deperatehousewives, prisonbreak etc and as much porn as a man could ever ask for :pfft:

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Internet Plan

Kol 256kb Package, $30 a month

10gig Per month, extra $10 per additional 5gb

Its very good, considering its more like 1mb speeds than 256kb, reguarly hitting 100-250kbps, I cap it out every month, so slowly increasing my movie / music collection :)

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