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Shoulders after Chest


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I do Chest day 1, I go real hard and walk away wif an awesome pump.

but I dont want to rob my chest of its pump so I do shoulders next day (day 2)and go as heavy as I can wif em.

but I still dont get much pump in my delts which im desperately trying to grow.

If I try do em later in the week but my back routine ends up exhursting them and so I just dont end up doin them at all.

Im well aware that one doesnt really need to work delts directly for them to grow, but I feel I give them a good head start by doing so.

I want shoulders like this


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I want shoulders like this




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a needle would be a good start :pfft:

i train shoulders after legs so my my upper body is alright, but really aslong as you do all the exercises and do them correctly i cant see why there would be any problem with them not growing and i think you should train shoulders directly. maybe change your split? mine is chest, back, legs, shoulders, arms then 2 days rest and back into it

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To be honest, the only way I've managed to get my shoulders to grow is by training them twice a week. Something like this:






I don't stay on that routine for longer than 6-8 weeks, but I find it makes a big difference.


In case it helps, I did something similar a while back for about that time frame, and it worked great. The first day was a 'heavy' day (like 5x5, 4x6), then the second had lighter volume in the 3x8-10 range. Kept pushing for PR's in the heavy days.. and kept the rest of the body at maintenance (ie. a couple sets of 5-8 reps for other major muscle groups).

They definitely didn't grow during the time I specialized them, but when I stopped the program and pulled riggghhhht back on volume they did. I ate over maintenance during the specialization and recovery period.

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i usually train shoulders 2 days after chest with a day of legs in between or rest so that shoulders are fresh. if i have to train them with something else on the same day itll usually be back..... my shoulders have grown faster than the rest of me so far though so might give them a wee break.

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