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uneven, unaligned abs


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Hey just thought id creat this thread as i have unaligned abs but i also notice some of the pros do... think Jay Cutler, what i was wondering is

a) anyone else on here have them

b) would judges mark you down because of them if i was to enter a bodybuilding competition - obviously they dont in america if the current mr O has them but wondering if its any different over here in nz. i know symmetry comes into play but if its something you cant help does it still ?

can anyone shed some light on this subject ???


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The cut or separation you see in the abs are what is known as the tendinal intersections (horizontally) or linea alba (vertically) and are composed of connective tissue. And as such, no matter how much training you do you cannot alter these. They are just a part of your makeup, much the same as you cant change how high (or low) up your achilles inserts into your calf muscle etc etc. There is an enormous variety in peoples' abdominals if you have a look out there....I wouldnt worry about it. Much worse to have under or over developed sections of your abs.

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