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anyone else train this way??

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i've not heard or sean anyone at my gym train these musscle groups togeather,

any comments welcomed

day 1

shoulders / bicepts / tricepts 3exercises for each

day 2

quads / hams four exercises for each

day 3

chest / back. ( super set one chest with one back ) four exercise for each

day 4

calfs / forarms / abbs /

half hour cardio each work out day

two days off then repeat

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I agree with Dragonlor's suggestion. Mind you, it's a great idea to try new things to find out what works for you.

With most if not all aspect of training, the body adapts very quickly, so it's a good idea to mix things up now and again.

As well as splitting ham and quad training into separate workouts - why not split your upper body training into "push" and "pull" days i.e. chest/shoulders/tricep (push exercices) one day and back/bicep (pull) another. Ideally do the larger muscle groups (chest/back) first in those two workout, but reversing it can also be another idea to "shock" new growth and pre-exhaust the smaller muscle groups.

Just another few options for you to try.

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I also think chest and back together sounds like too much hard work! And the day after that is a little on the light side. Personally, I'd try and even the load a bit.

However, like MT, I'm a big fan of playing around with your routine. It's certainly something different, and that might mean it's exactly the shock your body needs right now. But I wouldn't look at it as a long-term routine.

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how long have you been training like this for mate? any particular reason why?

just curious


have been training this way all this year, my theory behind training like this is i thought it wood kind of keep by body even by training opposite muscles together

it seams to have worked so far but you guys are prob right need to change it up.

what muscle groups wood you recomend training togeather?? i wood like to train 4 or 5 days on 2 days off

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I am currently training

Mon - Quads, hamies, calfs

Wed- Back and chest

Fri Shoulders, Bi's, Tri's

They are killer sessions usually 2 hrs plus, but plenty of time to grow inbetween. And to be honest my strength and weight have shot up since I started training like this 3 weeks ago.

Nice change from the old six day split anyway, I'll stick with this for another 2-3 weeks then go tho a frequency style program

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why not try a split like this:


1.chest, tris (only 2-3 tri exercises)

2.back, bis(only 2-3 bi exercises)


4.shoulders and neck

5.bis and tris




chest, shoulders, tris


legs and abs



some may split legs into two days, i do but that is personal prefrance, have a try of one of these style splits

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I split up muscel groups so that when I train 5-6 days a week I am actually training the different group 3 times a week with rest in between.

Also, one has to coordinate lighter traning days with heavier types fo exercises. For example, doing a lot of really big muscles groups along with heavy squats would be a killer of a session -so I try to balance out traning so it is about even each day.

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