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Zinabol and ZMA?


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Hey guys,

Im not really into things that are likely to influence or play with you hormonally so I was wondering if you could fill me in please.....

Are Zinabol and ZMA really just one in the same?! Obviously both contain zinc and magnesium but do they both have the same suggested benefits / side effects etc? Are proposed to work through the same mechanisms?

Has any legit research been done on either?

What experiences have people had?

Cheers :)


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hey FLEX can you tell me your thoughts on biotest ZMA is it anygood? thanks

Yeah they use the SNAC systems formula so it's all good. Unfortunately Medsafe seem to be cracking down a bit and so all the decent ZMA based supps are being pulled from the shelves as they contain too much zinc to be sold OTC. For some reason NZ law only allows up to 25mg of Zinc in a daily dose, anything over this and it becomes a prescription med. The proper ZMA formula has 30mg (10mg per capsule) in a daily dose so isn't technically legal in NZ. All ZMA supps will need to be relabeled with directions stating to only use 1-2 capsules instead of 3 caps to remain on sale in retail stores.

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Just had a brief look at the SNAC website, Flex. I was quite impressed with the emphasis they seem to put on research and proper studies. The double-blind controlled trial sounds good, but is it really? A 30% increase in testosterone is a fairly massive increase! How reliable do you think those results are?



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While a 30% increase may sound hard to believe what you have to take into account is the the levels of Testosterone that they started at. At 567.9ng/l this is slightly below average probably due to age, and training status and maybe deficiencies in diet. Boosting it to 752 is really only putting you into the average normal range of testosterone. High normal is around 1200. ZMA isn't going to send your T levels rocketing through the roof. It simply optimises your natural production by providing the building blocks (zinc), which are often found to be deficient in most hard training males.

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