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Creatine Monohydrate versus Krealkalyn


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  • 4 weeks later...

Hi there, me again... was using regular creatine monohydrate, ran out so using kre-alkalyn caps...but at the dose on the can it seems way less effective.

I'm sure I saw somewhere that a "dose" (4 caps, 2x2 daily) of krealkalyn is not even close to 5g of monohydrate....but I can't find the reference.

Any steerage? :?

Oh, and btw 1.8m 105kg, 12% bf in case that matters.

Thanks in advance


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hi guys,

dose the tab type make you hold water like creatine?

and has any one tryed isatori-3-XL ? witch is a creatine base product with third generation nitric oxide.

i got some here at work ,but it a bit costly

id be looking for mass,and i like to hold water with creatine.

witch one do u guys think is the best for that.

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lol sheep mm.

i dont think much of yates apart from how he must of had his ears blocked when mike mentzer trained him.

im training 5 days now,size is not the goal,ive spent 4 years doing heavy workouts with big brakes,shape training now,in saying that id like to hold some muscle and keep the full muscle look,so the sups help,

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