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NZFBB Nationals 2007 - photos!


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Junior Men: pics #01-02

Masters Men Over 40 Years: pics #03-06

Masters Men Over 50 Years & Masters Men Over 60 Years: pics #07-08

Masters Women Over 35 Years: pics #09-10

Masters Women Over 45 Years: pics #11-12

Senior Womens Figure Over 35 Years: pics #13-15

Senior Womens Figure Over 45 Years: pics #16-17

Junior Women Figure: pics #18-20

Novice Women Under 55kg inc: pics #21-22

Novice Women Over 55kg: pics #23-24

Mens Classic: pics #25-27

Novice Men Under 70kg inc: pics #28-29

Novice Men Under 80kg inc: pics #30-31

Novice Men Under 90kg inc: pics #32-34

Novice Womens Figure - Short: pics #35-36

Open Womens Figure - Short: pic #37

Open Womens Figure - Tall: pics #38-39

Open Womens Under 55kg inc: pics #40-41

Open Womens Over 55kg: pics #42-43

Body Fitness Short: pics #44-45

Body Fitness Tall: pics #46-47

Open Men Under 70kg inc: pics #48-50

Open Men Under 80kg inc: pics #51-52

Open Men Under 90kg inc: pics #53-55

Open Men Under 100kg inc & Open Men Over 100kg: pics #56-58

Mixed Pairs: pics #59-61
































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didnt see all the routines but please terry hills for best routine

Hey - thanks very much for that comment, Big_J! I didn't manage to get the Best Routine award - that was deservedly won by Daniel Hibbs as he also did at the South Island Champs.

Wow - what a great show! Big_J - congrats on your Teenage title .. the first of many Nationals titles for you I'm sure, young man. And well done, Dragonlor on beating me (as I expected) to 2nd spot behind the always impressive Keri Onyewu in our Classic Mens lineup. I'm really happy with 3rd - that breaks a run of 3 consecutive 4th placings at the NZFBB Nationals for me.

Mike Debenham .. Mr NZ for 2007 - a great result for an awesome guy and perfect role model for bodybuilders. I'm sure he will be even better when he hits the stage in New York at the 2008 IFBB World Amateur Champs!

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Bollocks to this! I'm doing it next year!

Dropped (a happy) Supry off at the airport last night and we agreed it was the best nationals for some time. The quality was great and there were some superb battles up there. Well done Mike, you are a great competitor and that certainly showed on stage.

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Hey MT you know if you win your class you qualify for nationals the next year is that true? so since i won the teenage class and it was my last year do i automatically get to advance to the junior section?

Sorry, Big_J - the only people who automatically qualify for the next Nationals are the four Overall winners. i.e. Mike Debenham is the only male competitor who has automatically qualified for the 2008 NZFBB Nationals.

If you want to qualify for next years Nationals early, you can do so at next weeks Taranaki show - this is the first qualifier for the 2008 Nationals. You can still do the Teenage class if you want to, or Junior or a Novice weight class.

You don't need to win a Teenage class to advance to Junior. In fact, you could have done Juniors this year if you wanted to. As long as you are under 21 at some point in the year you want to compete in, you are eligible to compete as a Junior. e.g. if you turn 21 on Jan 2nd, you can still compete as a Junior (Under 21) throughout that calendar year.

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More importantly ...another guy named Mike wins the Overall!!!

I thought the highlights were the Novice Under 70 and Under 80s.

The Open Under 70's, 1% harder and I think Supri could have Daniel, great quality of competition.

The Open Under 90's...probably the single best quality lineup in the history of the NZFBB, worth the price of entry alone.

The Overall battle between Mike and Daniel, absolute hair splitter.

Jo S, should have suited up and walked away with another Overall in her sleep....she looked at 7 weeks out like she was 7 weeks ahead of the rest onstage that night.

Dragonlor....tough call, I would have had you 1st...phenominal condition and structure.

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Just a quick question - If I place in the mens classic at the taranaki comp then bulk up and no longer fit the weight requirements by the nationals next year does that mean I cant compete or that I would just go into what ever open class I fitted into?

Because I placed top 3 at nationals I assume that means I cant compete novice at the Nakis? And if so I would embarrass myself on stage in the mens open 80 to 90! I know some of the guys in that class from the nats are coming down.


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