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Hi there New Poster just turned 16 and going strong


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Hi everyone i regesterd a while ago but never had the chance 2 post. i just turned 16 and started at the gym in winton at the start of the year. I am looking for more information on how 2 bulk up faster and bump up the weights.as i want to try get to a competiton sometine in the near future. currently benching 65kg x ten reps,three sets. if any one can help it wuld be much appreciated



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Basically any lean meat - chicken, beef, or lamb. Lean pork is ok, but bodybuilders tend not to eat this so much - I guess because it has a slightly lower protein than the other meats.

Nuts are also a good source of protein, but they have a high proportion of fat too, so use them as a snack or protein top-up, rather than a full meal.

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thanks everyone. im stuck in a town with no bodybuilding help so this site is great. whats the rules for stuff like junk food and biskits and that? i reali need to find somewhere else to train but im to young to afford to drive 30 minutes to the next gym every second day so i have to put up with the half ass one im at

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