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routine critique


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afternoon all. I was wondering if you would all mind having a look at this mass building routine. currently 96 kg, 180cm tall, about 12-15% bf. diet is lots of food :) (about 4k-5k a day) general routine is havy basic exercises, e.g deadlift, bench, squat, at about, good solid warm up followed by. 4x 6-8 working sets.

I haven't specified which particular exerciese i do for each item as i will be changing it on a weekly basis. in between workouts is light cardio, streching, yoga, swimming etc.

3 days a week


















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lol yeah i thought i would get some odd looks with this. I am giving it a go basically to see how it would work on me. bringing the back to failure for lower (e.g dead lifts), than giving it a rest with legs (squats) than throwing in an upper back (lat pulls or rows) Followed by a chest failure ex. This works the main muscle groups all in one day back chest and legs. utilising the major muscle groups each day worked and briniging them to failure.

the same is carried out the next day only switching it to chest, back chest, and than legs. each time to failure. have just tried the second day and it seems pretty good, nicely fatigued.

The third day is utilised for a smaller muscle group day, shoulders, arms, tris.

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I would put the small muscle day in the middle of the week, so you've got as long as possible between the heavy workouts.

Actually, to be honest, I probably wouldn't do this routine at all. :wink:

Back, legs, back? Ouch! My bet is, depending on how many sets you do, you'll either find it's too much for one workout, or not enough. I think it might be quite hard finding the happy medium with this routine.

Having said that, the world needs guinea pigs. Let us know how you get on!

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