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best tests of upper, lower and total body strength?


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I've heard a bit about this.

I've read that the best test for total body strength could be either standing longjump, squat, deadlift or standing high jump.

For upper body I read that the best test is number of pullups? but that sounds a bit weird as once you get past a point it'st muscular endurance...?

For lower body i've read squats and leg press.

What do you guys know or think?


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i think the ultimate upper body test would be as many one armed pull ups as possible! you wont manage to do enough of these if you can do them at all to call it "endurance"

total body and lower body i would probly agree with what you said, although farmer walks would be a good one for total body :)

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Snatch is a bit unfair as it's hard to master technically. I've seen some bloody strong weightlifters in my time who weren't good technically so never hit their potential.

I say squat is a pretty good test...deadlift too...and farmers walk now I think about it.

How about the good old plank exercise?

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Deadlift needs to be on there, but if you have that you need squats. I've seen guys deadlift 220kg, but can't squat 140 right.

Push press seems a good idea too. Bench press, mmm maybe done in conjunction with the PP.

Leg press does not count for anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Farmers walks rely too heavily on grip strength to be used as a measure for total upper body strength.

I would agree with the others who mention the big 3 being measures of overall strength.

I agree, farmers walk also greatly tests the mental strength or pain threshhold of the lifter.

Well, now we can see who is the strongest board member. :grin: Not me.

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I don't think a BB-style bench (elbows flared) is not a good test of strength at all. If we're talking about tests of strength I'm assuming functional strength and you get f-all functional strength from that. PL style bench is better but PP even more so because it requires explosive strength as well.

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