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Who's Better Muscle imaging or dee Art?

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Hi There

Just wanted to know peoples opinions from those that have competed and purchased competition photo's from either of these two companies.

Dee art tend to do alot of Wellington Comps, for example I recently purchased the North Island champs DVD from dee art as well as the photo's since my wife and I competed. The photo's weren't bad, pretty much right up there with muscle imaging yet the dvd had a number of editing errors. they missed the open mens routines which meant my routine was missing, kinda annoying and yet was $80 where as muscle imaging are from memory $55 and good quality. Being a competitor. you train hard and long only to be onstage for a short time.

The Good news is Dee Art have emailed me and are willing to look into it with who prepared DVD

What are other peoples opinions? curious. what experiences have people had and hopefully good ones.

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I have only seen and watched DVD's and or photos by MuscleImaging and recently got pics and a DVD done of my comp which I was pretty happy with. I have not heard, seen and viewed Dee art so cant really comment but like you would not be happy with a DVD missing out your section. My next comp I will use MI again. The pics are clear and show up really good. DVD's are like most.

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Dee art work is f—kin shit, where as muscle imaging I have found to be very good. I had one lot done by Dee art and that’s the last time he will do any for my lot. All you need to do is look at his set up and he can’t sit for 5 mins. If you want see how good muscle imaging is just go to http://www.muscleimaging.com and see how good his work is.

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