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Womens bodybuilding/shaping


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Hi Greg

I myself have never bothered doing ad/abductors although no-doubt they do have a place when training. I guess at the end of it all it boils down to what the client wants, and what the needs of your clients are.

Personally it did nothing for me, however, it may do something for your clients. I've always stuck with the basics. I may have changed rep ranges, volume etc, but they haven't failed me yet. Coming up to 17 years, I'm pretty sure they never will.

Good luck to you. :nod:

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I agree that generally the basic leg exercises (squats, etc) will be all most people ever need. Having said that, I enjoy playing around with some of the weirder exercises from time to time - even if they don't do much, it keeps things interesting. :)

Some gyms have a specific adductor machine. Failing that, you could try attaching a cable to your ankle, stand side-on to the machine, and pull your leg in and across your body. I imagine squeezing a swiss ball between the thighs would also hit the adductors.

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