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programme wanted please guys

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Hi guys,

Ive been training for ages now using the body for life style of workouts. Which are 3 days a week consisting of upper and lower body workouts. eg:

mon: upper

wed: lower

fri: upper


mon: lower

wed: upper


and so it rotates weekly.

I have had great results from these full body workouts but i have growen bored of them and am looking to get into split style workouts (like 2 muscle groups a session types)

I was hoping someone could suggest me a 4 day plan for mon, tues ,wed(off), thur and fri. If i don't know any of the exercises I'll find out.

cheers guys

ps: sets,reps weight would be much appreciated. BFL uses a pyramid style like: 12, 10, 8, 6 then drop the weight for another 12. increasing weight and droping it for the final set

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You're in luck, mate. I was just going through my old workout templates, and I found this four-day split.

EDIT: Umm, yeah, just seen what NZPT's written. He's right, of course - it's much better for you to read up as much as you can, and put your own routine together. This one's pretty basic, and you might want one that targets specific weaknesses, etc.

Anyway, to everyone else - feel free to critique this workout if you wish. I'm sure it's not perfect, and maybe AgentOrange can learn something from it before he creates his own.

4-day split.xls

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Looks good pseudonym,

Agentorange you may want to try working larger compound movements first then finishing with smaller muscles during the workout , eg hit the chest first , bench followed by incline then get into the shoulders, presses before lat raises etc. just want to utilise big compound lifts with max intensity then work on the isolation stuff and smaller muscles later in the workout.


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