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customs and cell-mass,no-explode


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recently ordered some bsn no-explode,cell-mass and decabolen from overseas and as usual was stopped by customs... confiscated the decabolen which wasnt too much of a suprise but what got me was that both the no-explode and cell-mass were both opened ( maybe to test??? ) which seems stupid because im sure im not the first person to import these..... but the amount in each container seemed to be very lil... can anyone tell me how much is spose to be in there i know they dont fill them to the brim but the cell mass 640g was only half full and the no-explode 1230g was about 3/4 full.... anyone can tell me if theyv been messed with ??? :evil:

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I have wondered about NO-Xplode and how that gets through customs. If you look on the list of ingredients it contains Vincamine. If you look that up on medsafe that states that this is a prescription medicine. On the other hand look at how many products can you buy in New Zeland that contain Yohimbine and that is classed as prescription.

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