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ab training


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I think your seperation looks fine, wasn't trying to be smart but honestly if your training your abbs a couple of times each week and you have the diet sorted which by the looks you have, I dought that any one exercise or another will make any difference to them.

Physiologically (spelling) speaking your abbs are one continious muscle running from top to bottom they are cut into a six or 8 pack by the sinue (spelling again) that runs top to bottom and side ways across them. That seems to be the reason why sometimes they are uneven and everyone's look slightly or a lot different.

So what I'm trying to say is that you can really only add thickness like any other muscle to give deeper cuts. The only thing you can do is to train them in a variety of different positions ie stretched and contracted, so that would men lying leg curls and crunches, you get my drift? :lol:

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I know it sounds a bit gay but if you do a bit of stability stuff it can make your core alot stronger. This will allow you to lift heavier weights on all moves as well and also with your crunches.

Try adding at the end of your abs routine -

- Kneeling/standing on a swiss ball and balancing.

- Kneeling on a swiss ball and having somone throw you a medicine ball

- Medicine ball throw downs are pretty good for kaining the upper abs

- Getting someone to standing above your head and throw your legs down and then you lift them back up and they throw them back down again (sorry can't remember what its called) is pretty good for low abs too.

- Try getting a mate to go to the gym with you and lie about 5 metre's apart on mats and throw a med ball to each other like soccer players train for throw ins. Do a sit up in between each throw and catch to keep intesity up.

That sort of shit provides a bit of variation, and using the med balls can tear up your muscles pretty hard out :grin:

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