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Long time reader, first time poster o_O


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Hey all - I'm Twitchy. I have been parousing the forum just reading up about opinions to supps etc.

I'm not really into bodybuilding per se, but after having realised how fat I've gotten we (the missus and I) have decided to change our diet for the better and become a little healthier. Although we have both entered into the same diet change regiment (the 'Abs Diet' if you wanted to know), but have different opinions regarding sports. For her it's yoga, me, I like lifting weights. More than I do running or swimming. So when it came to finding a sport to get and keep me fit, I landed here.

I have just recently started visiting the gym again (aim to go 3-4 times a week) and will soon be starting soccer again - Sub Football. Although I obviously won't be delving too deep into the weightlifting world, I do hope that I can contribute at least some to the forum and put back into it after having already gained so much.

So a big thanks to all, esp. the mods/admins for the nice forum!

p.s. just ordered some 100% ON Whey from NZ Muscle - my dear lord did they deliver fast! I ordered this morning(ish) and it was at the missus office at 3pm!

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Although I obviously won't be delving too deep into the weightlifting world

That's what you think ;)

Heheh... yep! Wait till you start seeing the changes! :pfft:

Good to have you here, Twitchy. Thanks for the positive comments, but it's not really the mods/admins that make this a nice forum - we hardly ever need to do much, to be honest! It's all our nice members that make the nice forum, and long may it stay that way. 8)

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G'day Twitchy

Great to hear you've decided to hit some weights.

Like the others mentioned, once you start seeing results you'll catch the bug & then it's all over :pfft:

The protein powder you bought is good stuff - I've been using it for a few years now & can't complain.

These forums are some of the best forms of motivation you can get - I don't really have too many mates into lifting weights so it's great to be able to come on here & talk & listen to people that are actually interested in the subject - stick with the forum mate & it'll help with your goals - especially if you post up a journal - it's great for feedback & advice!

All the best to you and your wife (make sure you take some *before* pics so you can see exactly how far you've progressed later on - sometimes it's hard to remember what we looked like earlier).

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Lol, yeah we keep putting off taking the 'before' pics, because neither of us is happy with how we look now - she has great curves, but I'm all podgy. (BTW, we're not married, I haven't had the balls to pop the question yet)

As for friends who are into lifting (or even sports in general) that is all too common - I don't really know anybody who is willing and committed to doing anything nowadays beyond the odd game of touch. Ahhh, the pitfalls of a developed society.

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