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NZFBB South Island Champs


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Yes, well done Dragonlor - a well deserved win and I was very happy to get 2nd place behind you. This is the first time in my 7 years of competing that I haven't competed in Masters Over 40 classes, so it's nice to challenge myself against you younger guys!

It's great to see good numbers supporting the new Classic Mens class - 6 yesterday after 5 at the North Island Champs. Hopefully there was a good turnout at the CNIs, and again at Nationals in 3 weeks time. Dragonlor - I assume you will be heading to Auckland for that?

A big congratulations to all the competitors at yesterdays event, plus to the big crowd that turned up to watch both shows - especially as there was the Ranfurly Shield match on last night in Christchurch also. Mind you, with Auckland winning the shield, those locals who decided to watch the rugby instead of the bodybuilding will probably be kicking themselves!

Oh, and a big congrats to Mike Debenham who was organising his first NZFBB event - a huge success in every way and probably the first time someone has organised, competed and judged at the same event!

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Thanks very much, Latimus Dorsi. I'm still not at my peak yet - hopefully I can hit that in 3 weeks time at Nationals.

The big boys certainly did impress - the battle between Mike Debenham and Paul Wood for the Open Over 80kg class was a beaut - with Paul winning that and the Overall title. Daniel Hibbs was as impressive as ever, and there were come great physiques in some of the Novice classes.

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Well done to both you guys... I'm looking forward to seeing photos.

Oh I should add my camera was crap, all i got was blury images time to upgrade! :(

I reckon shooting bodybuilding competitions has got to be one of the most demanding situations for a poor camera to cope with. You're often at the long end of a zoom, the lighting's often dim, and if it's not, then the contrast between brightly lit bodies and black stage is huge... It's a big ask for a camera to deal with.

I don't know what kind of upgrade you're looking for, but I'm pretty happy with my Canon Powershot S3 IS. It's not quite up to the "pro-sumer" SLR level, but it comes pretty close.

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