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PVL Whey Gourmet


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We have just started stocking this product at my work and the free samples came in today. This has to be some of the best tasting protein powder ever! Although its not the cheapest or best formulated. 900gms costs $70 and thats 29 Servings. Heres the breakdown:


Some flavours have more carbs in them than others but its in the region of 1gm. I tried the Strawberry Banana Smoothie (fruity and creamy, quite liked it), Chocolate Chip Mint (very rich, not bad but more of a dessert protein), and Radical Raspberry Smoothie (my favourite, quite fruity, recommend this one!)

Coming soon, PVL Whey Cooler review!

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They are alright - I liked the Peanut Butter flavour, cause it was different, but got sick of it quickly, Strawberry and Banana was pretty average, and Mint Choc needed more Mint flavour, but they are OK - price not so hot though! But as for the Cooler... I love that stuff! Yummo, I'm having some now! :pfft:

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pvl mixes great and tatses great..i use pvl royal vanilla icecream gourmet whey(ooo what a mouthfull)..so palatable and not too overpowering on the tastebuds..love it in me porridge..or as a shake

mixed at nite with weightwatches jelly thats previously been set in the fridge..whipped up into a mousse substance ..mm mmmmm

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I get mine from Bigkiwi / Protein bar. But most places stock the PVL and PVL delux ranges. The standard PVL chocolate is my favourite everyday protein it is sooooooo yum. The chocolate hazelnut wasnt' really my cuppa tea, nice but not as good as the chocolate. I guess the plain one would be good too with your oats/egg whites, sometimes it is just nice having plain stuff.

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