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Hey there guys/gals

Have just started back at the gym after two and half months off due to surgery, at the moment i am doing an activity based programme with a physio to target my injury and get my body back to healthy all round condition...anyway i am looking at getting the nutrtion side of things right and get myself into a routine so once physio is over i can really go hard at the gym. my current diet consists of:

9am- 1 bacon and egg sandwhich (2x multigrain bread 2x rasher of bacon & 1 Egg)

12noon 2x Chicken and salad sandwhiches (2x chicken breast 4x multigrain bread & salad with no mayo)

5pm - Tuna snack (heat and eat with toast)

Protein shake before workout @ 7pm

Protein shake after workout @ 8.30pm

Dinner is usually Meat & Veg (Steak,Chicken etc and eitha with Potatoes and mixed veg or salad at 9.30pm

from other diets posted i note i could probably do woth some more shakes through out day

What do you recommend i add an/or take away?

Much Appreciated people


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dont eat bread, flour dont build muscle buddy,

look at my diet on my journal and but u just add more carbs unless u wanna lose weight, stuff like oats kumara potatoe and rice, im having some of those but only real small quantities. so if u want to get big just eat those things (along with yr proteins) and if u start to put on fat yr upping yr cals too fast for wat u need, just play around with it

in the off season u only need a certain amount of food unless u want to get fat, lots of people seem to say just eat eat eat but if yr a newb yr just gonna get fat from doing tht.

thats sum advice for u, my opinion tho, good luck

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I agree with 2guns. I don't think bread is quite that bad, but I sure wouldn't rely on it like you're doing. Use it as emergency food.

Breakfast: I'd estimate you're probably getting 15-20g of protein. That's a little on the light side, and there's probably a bit too much fat.

Lunch: Is this a chicken salad sandwich like you'd get from a bakery? If so, the amount of chicken is usually pitiful. Don't count on that to give you much protein. Also, 4 slices of bread is probably roughly 50-60g carbs. Depending on how active you are during the day, this may be slightly on the high side.

You really should try to get another meal between lunch and your 5pm feed. Try to eat every 2-3 hours.

Hope that helps. :)

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So really needa up my protein intake and from what i saw of your journal 2guns your eating roughly 1kg per day of chicken then the odd steak in there to...how do you usually eat your chicken?

Thanks for the help guys think my plan of attck will start by eating more protein rich food like chicken and steak.

I am assuming salad is all good? it is low in fat so can you ever over eat with greens?

And i usually make my sandwhiches so theyre packed with meat!

Starting to get excited bout putting all this into action


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