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Workout routines


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I like changing my routines between 10-15 reps, and 6-10 reps. Most parts I train once a week, but I'll often try to hit a lagging muscle twice. If you're clever in structuring your routine, you can often arrange it so that muscles get a secondary workout as well (eg, triceps also get used on chest day).

How's your diet? You may have the best routine in the world, but if you diet's not on form, then your gains are always going to be limited.

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In the last couple of weeks i have totally transformed my diet

Breakfast - oats, protein shake

Mid Morning - 185g Tuna

Lunch - 150g Chicken Breast, 50g Basmati rice

Mid Afternoon - Chicken sandwich or tuna

Dinner - Meat (chicken,steak,lamb,mince) and vegetables

Post workout shake

Before bed shake

Also Nuts and fruit throughout the day...have been trying to get hold of some natural peanut butter but can never find any...

I might try this routine :

Monday - Chest , Biceps

Tuesday - Legs, Foreams

Wednesday- Tris, Calves

Thursday - Back,shoulders

Friday - Chest and biceps again

3 sets of 15 reps for 4 weeks or so then change it to 8 reps for the following 4 weeks.

Should have some pics up soon also

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