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Where to buy weightlifting bumper plates


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I am trying to buy some rubber weightlifting bumper plates for training at home. GetStrength has some high quality calibrated competition ones but these are pricey (eg $499 for one 25kg plate). Don Oliver has the calibrated Ivanko plates and these are also very pricey. On some of the international sites (eg Ivanko) I have seen that they sell non-calibrated training plates for a much more affordable price. Does anyone know where I can get a reasonably priced training set?

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You need calibrated plates for competition. Same goes for olympic bars, you will need a proper olympic bar for a competition, not something you see in a commercial gym.

I'd recommend joining a gym/club if you want to practice weightlifting because buying equipment on your own will cost you a lot of money. With a club, you can also get free coaching instead of learning it on your own.

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I don't need calibrated plates as they won't be for competition. I live in Warkworth so unfortunately no weightlifting gym. I know from websites that non-calibrated plates do exist and are a lot cheaper, I just cant find any in NZ.

Right, and you won't either. Millenium centre has the best lifting gym in NZ in upper harbour highway. One of the weightlifters travelled from Warkworth every day. Would save alot of $$$

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mango9, nice post, has gauged my interest.

Still pretty pricey for those training plates from the above post - but 40% the cost of the calibrated ones' so good from that viewpoint.

I imagine you could have a setup with cast iron plates ($40 for 20kg as said above) that instead of having the damper on the plates, have it on the ground. Should work if you don't run around to much once you've got it up!

Would take some thought but I reckon you could get it to work really well.

The bar is another matter though...

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No worries Laver.

If you're someone like myself who only uses a bar for you basic lifts cast plates are definitely the way to go if you don't have or want to spend the money on bumpers.. if you want to get really minimalist you don't really need 15 or 25Kg plates either. Just buy as many 20Kg plates as you need and use your 1.25's, 2.5's, 5's and 10's to make up the difference. Generally the only time you will need 15's or 25's is when you are running out of space on the bar, which isn't a real problem for anyone, like me, lifting under 200Kg. For us, using 15's or 25's usually means your 1.25's, 2.5's, 5's and 10's are just sitting on the tree being neglected.

If you're practicing the Oly lifts though I'd probably be inclined to suggest you go for a set of Bumpers.. if only for the sake of the bar.. and your ears. Even on matting it's still make a horrible clang.

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First off, appologies for the thread dredge.

However, this thread is the first hit when searching for weightlifting plates in NZ and others looking for plates will probably find it.

New info:

FitnessImports have Proteus uncalibrated bumper plates that are VERY reasonably priced.

I'm not sure whether the GetStrength Ivanko plates are bumper plates or rubber coated iron plates. They seem to be the latter. I've just orders some weightlifting shoes from them though, so I might ask about the Ivanko plates. GetStrength are also an Eleiko dealer, although you're looking at like $300 per 10kg plate. They're amazing to use though.

The EliteFitness plates definitely aren't bumper plates, they're cast coated in rubber.

Hope this helps someone!

ps. Weightlifting in Dunedin is at Otago Amateur WeightLifting Association (OAWLA) 57 Fryatt Street Mon,Wed and Fri 5 till 6:30.

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Sorry for the incredibly late reply.

You can't drop rubber coated plates from 3m above your head very often and expect either them, or the bar to survive very well.

Bumper plates have a good 10cm of solid rubber before any metal so they bounce and absorb the impact. The olmypic standard bumpers are almost all rubber. You can drop them 10,000 times and they will be fine.

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