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Hello to all you guys and gals in BB land...


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...older guy here, going on 56. I have always been a little lean but not skinny and, after some aborted attempts in the past, now have work/life balance organised to finally put in a sustained effort at gaining size.

I can now hit the gym at around 3.30pm each day when I am training (long hours in a physical job has always been a killer for muscle gain!) and get plenty of rest, for a change.

I am looking forward to unhurried progress and maybe enter a comp at some stage. Does anyone know the age ranges in comps? I hope another 12 to 18 mths will see me close to where I would like to be - not really, really big but just attractively muscled.

My lady would like like that too! :lol:

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Gidday Happipat. Welcome to the forums!

I may need to be corrected on this but I think the age range classes are 40+, and 50+. You should definitely try competing at least one - whether you get bitten by the competition bug or not (a lot of people do get addicted!) it's an awesome experience either way.

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