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Need more weight....NOW


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Was on track 2 weeks ago for Central Novice Under 70kg Comp end of Sept but due to a death and serious injury of 2 close family members my training and food was mostly non existant, getting back on track now, although have lost 2 kg and strength, freaking out abit considering only 31 days to go. Need any info on getting back that good weight, hard and fast and of course naturally......thoughts, ideas anyone

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Sorry to hear that, Fergie. That must have been a tough period, and to even think about getting back on track for the comp now is highly commendable.

I'm not sure that there's any easy answer to your question though... Train hard, mixing it up, but generally within the 8-15 rep range. Eat heaps of protein, drink heaps of water. And sleep. Lots.

Good luck. :)

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Yeah, now just getting over a gastro viral thing so have been on fluids....oh the things that test us, but back into training and drinking Mega Gainer and Mega Milk....well that is fluids.... :lol: .....but need to get those good chicken breasts and salads etc into asap....thanks again

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