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INBA competition


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i was at the show .

pretty tired at the moment so will post a quick rundown now and a better one with some pics later.

alex simays took out the overall. he looked fucking hardcore and if he is natural then he is a good inspiration to any natural bodybuilder out there, because he would be right up there in any comp against guys full of the shit.

Sorry ladies but didnt take a lot of notice of the female classes.

cant remember the name of the guy who won the teenage class but he was pretty good ( had competed at the natural olympia in perth ) . junior class . Pouhila took out the over 60 class, some local dude from taupo took out the over 40 class, and some european dude took out the over 50 class.

chris nel took out the novice short kent ashcroft came second and if you could pick a winner between those 2 then you were doing better than me. P.S. I'm posting that pic of you using UNDERHAND techniques to sabotage a competitors posing trunks nel and you know what i mean..

Kerry onieu ( not sure how that's spelt kerry so apologies ) took out the open short and he was shredded, especially his legs and his hammies looked like big salamis

some local dude from taupo took out the novice tall , he was pretty ripped and did some ballet moves in his routine which was interesting ( just shitting they were gymnastic moves and they looked pretty cool ) had this vision of him taking out hardwick with one of those backflips as pete walked accross the stage behind him.

But basically everyone who turned up to compete ( bout 70 competitors ) were in good shape, the women especially were all in good condition and some of the older ones were in better nick than the younger ones. A local chick from taupo posed onstage with her 7 year old daughter and if i had to pick the best and hottest of the night it was her hands down and the guys i were there with agreed. 45 + category and would put most 18 year old chicks to shame.

show was pretty well run and went fairly smoothly, pete did a good job as mc and the evening show was a full house.

sorry about the vague description but it's been a long day. I will post some pics in the next day or 2 but if anyone has any questions on the show then ask and i will reply to the best of my knowledge.

Saw one older dude who shall remain nameless crack open a full hip flask of whiskey in the corner and start sipping bout 30 minutes before he went onstage in the evening, and by the time he walked out to wait in the wings the bottle was empty. He must have enjoyed the show...

over and out..

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Yes Terry that was number 5, not to sure about the rest of the year at the moment I’ve handed my notice in at work and I’m starting a new business in 3 weeks so I’ll have to see how things go ...but I still aiming for doing the NZFBB nationals :nod:

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What business you starting up? How to cope with doing 5 comps a year? Lol.

The business web site is on my profile :wink:

It's hard f**king work doing 5 comps..but fun :grin:

I checked the website. Pretty cool. Good on you! Exciting stuff. I can imagine its hard work doing 5 comps.haha. But its self inflicted so no sympathy! My a slap on the arse from me if you listen to everyone else. :)

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yup sure is mate. hows it going eating normal again. im loving it eating like a horse and still hungry! ha ha

Yeah the eating is awomse! Haha. I cant believe how much I can actually eat. Whats the plan for you now? Obviously you gotta stay quite lean for nationals I geuss.

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Plan for me is to train slightly heavier but lower reps and eat eat eat. Hopefully I can hit a semi-lean 80kg by the end of the year.

Competition wise, I might only compete in the Naki show at the end of next year just to qualify for Nationals the year after but the comp bug might bite again before then.

Im coming to NP this weekend. Hopefully we can catch up then.

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