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Hi everyone here is my introduction. I'm in my forties and a stepmother to teenage girls but the scars are hardly visible ;)

For the record I weigh 74 kilos and am 5' 4" tall. I've been into nutrition for about 4 years since discovering/developing food intolerances but I went back to wheat and put a lot of weight on as a result.

Due to some things I won't go into, I have been the most inactive person I ever met who didn't have a physical disability. Boredom has driven me to taking a look at bodybuilding, and so far I like what I see.

One of my family members has been right into it for years, but about all I know about it is "eat egg whites".

I've read Chad Waterbury's articles on female body building and thought they made sense, so thank you to the person that recommended them in the ladies' room.

I'm on the verge of choosing a gym for the next three months. Have a choice between the large one I went to years ago which is unisex, and the new one upstairs which offers a "quick, light workout" for women only. You do a clockwise rotation of 45 seconds on each of 7 machines, with jogging 45 seconds in between. This fits everyone in. They also have a cross-trainer, bikes, a few dumbells, swiss balls and a treadmill which aren't regimented. There are also very few four-letter words in their soundtracks.

I am wondering if it is too inflexible for me, or if it is a good place to start out and get into an average kind of shape first? Does anyone think I would be picking up bad habits that would hamper me later?

For diet, I have just started on Montignac (eat all low-glycemic foods)

and feel very comfortable with that as I was off wheat anyway. I am enjoying the cooking involved.

Well there it is, and its a bit long sorry. Let me know what you think :)

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Hi SloMo. Good to have you here. :)

Don't worry - it's quite possible to do bodybuilding without living entirely on egg whites! In fact, unless I'm dieting really seriously, the only egg whites I eat generally have a good few yolks thrown in too.

Regarding your gym, I think you might find the women's gym fairly limiting in time. I don't think you're likely to pick up bad habits from it, but depending on how far you want to take your bodybuilding, a circuit-based gym may not be flexible enough to meet your needs as a bodybuilder. Having said that, if it's handy and feels comfortable to you, it may be just the introduction you need.

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Thank you each for the very kind words, I feel a bit more confident already :)

I bought some 1 kg toning balls a couple of days ago, the family could not leave them alone they are so appealing. Next acquisition, a skipping rope!

I've always been so much "in my head" that its really nice to have something tangible to play with.

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