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I need some help with my nutrition plan


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Kia ora

I need some help. About 24 momths ago I use to weigh in at 130kgs. I was in denial as most are and didnt realise how much of an impact it had on me until i started getting dropped from age group rep rugby teams. I decided to start running, eat properly and hit the gym once i had lost som weight. I lost weight really fast and at 105kgs i hit the gym started lifting weights. After 19 months i had lost 47kgs i just kept losing weight. So i stopped cardio(as it was in season) and concentrated on weights. I am still 83kgs and although i haved toned up, im am hardly getting stronger and not any bigger. I was told to eat 6 meals a day of rice and skinless boneless chicken except for breakfast and i have done that. What do i do to put weight on? I also use protein shake and creatine. Does it come down to the calorie thing? Cuse i dont understand that part. Also ive been given so many differnent ways to lift weights from league and rugby but i enjoy going to gym more than playing footy now and would like to get into bodybuilding so dont wont powerlifting programes i wont a good bodybuilding? Can some one please help as i dont wont the next 6-12months i spend in the gym to also be a waste of time.



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Kudos to you for the amazing weight loss! clap.gif 130kgs to 83kgs is no small feat.

The bottom line of it is: Put weight on = eat more food.

Because you're not gaining, you're not eating enough. And in the end it does kinda come down to calories - and there's 3 ways you can do this:

1. You can 'trial and error' all this yourself without worrying about calories by tracking what you're eating. Try adding a bit more into your meals. Gaining too much? Cut back. Not gaining any? Add a bit more. Sit back on these changes for a couple of weeks to see how it works for you, then adjust again if need be.

2. (IMO!) A good starting point for bulking is bw(lbs) x 14-15. So for you at 183lbs, it would be about 2256-2739 total calories. (where 1g fat = 9cals, 1g carbs = 4cals, 1g protein = 4carbs).

Your daily protein intake stays consistent: BW(lbs) x 1-1.5g = 180-270g.

Carbs and fats you can play around with, but make sure you're getting some essential fatty acids in there. BW x 14-15 may be too much for some, or not enough for others... its just that - a starting point. After a couple of weeks you need to evaluate how you're looking etc and adjust. Fitday is a pretty kewl site to track calories, or check out the Diet template in the Tools section of this site.

3. Hire someone to do all the thinking for you. Me likes this one. smile2.gif

I'm by no means an expert on diets and whatnot.. still learning! But I think recording what you eat is important so you know where you've come from and how you got to looking the way you did. There's more knowledgeable ppl on here so hopefully someone can give us some more ideas!

As for your training, check out the Training info in the Tools section for some ideas, or even have a browse/search through the training section or workout journals. Don't underestimate the power of compound lifts :grin: Squat/bench/deads/military press will build the foundation muscle of your bod.. strength will follow ;)

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Gidday Josh. First of all, congratulations on the weight loss. That has got to be one of the most dramatic transformations we've seen on this site, so good stuff, mate. Out of interest, how tall are you?

As for advice, Poos_n_wees has pretty much covered everything. There's not much left for me to say! :grin:

I quite like a protein:carbs:fat ratio of about 40:40:20 by weight. That is, on a 2700 calorie diet, you'd be getting 270g protein, 270g carbs, and 60g fats.

This is only a suggestion - obviously it can vary hugely depending on your body type, metabolism, how active you are throughout the day, etc, etc... I recommend you work out what you're currently getting on an average day, using the links PnW provided above. Then see how that compares to what we've suggested here.

Now the routine. Again, what are you doing at the moment? I really believe the key to making progress is to change the routine regularly. People often swear by a particular routine, but I think it's good to keep mixing it up. So tell us what you're doing now, and we'll suggest something different. :)

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Kia ora

First of all thanks very much for the feed back. Im still a bit confused with the whole calories thing but i wil just keep reading over it and hopefully something will just click. What are some examples of meals cause rice, protein shakes and chicken aint so exciting anymore. I stand at about 183-4cms and im 21 on Tuesday. I am currently in a cast as i broke my leg playing rugby 3 weeks ago so have put on some unwanted fat but my plan is. Mon- Legs Tues- Rest Wed- Back/Traps Thurs- B/P 3km run Fri- Chest/shoulders Sat- B/P 3km run Sun- Biceps/Triceps.

Im going to have next season off so i can focus on weights as rugby is causeing my weights to suffer through niggly injuries all the time.

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That must've been an intense game to break your leg! :shock: I wouldn't fuss over the calories thing too much, unless you're OCD like I am redface.gif I would just suggest tracking your meals and watching your progress using a tape measure or even the mirror - you can tweak meals here and there, it'll just take time and patience :)

On a side note, I know what you mean about the rugby thing - I stopped a season of rugby to concentrate on lifting.. and I never went back to it lol2.gif

Have a happy 21st on Tuesday!

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