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I change my programme quite regularly, every six or so weeks.

However generally my intensity is the same ie 90-100%. I have trouble with the concept of going to the gym and pulling back from the low-med reps and doing higher reps with cardio for example.

I seem to know my body and ease off a little when the aches and pains start to arise.

Just wondering does anyone follow a programme of periodization throughout the year? Do you feel that that works for you?

I guess at the end of the day we are all different and will respond differently.

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I'm sorta like you in that I know my body's boundaries - If I go for a PB in an exercise one week, I always tend to scale back and go a little lighter in the next. So in that sense, I haven't periodized my training on paper, but tend to do it without really thinking about it.

Then theres the times when I've had to deload or something similar, but found that when it got down to it, struggled to go lighter on weights or do the higher reps (I'm talking 15-20). I hate putting in a half-assed effort, even though a program calls for it :(

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