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Looking for lifting partner at Club Kelburn, Wellington


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Looking for someone or a few people to train with at Club Kelburn Wellington. 


Pretty flexible with training time (I wake up pretty early). 


I'd prefer to stick to powerlifting rather than Olympic lifts, however, I've done some Olympic training before and I did enjoy it. 


I haven't done much weightlifting for the last 7-8 months, however, I'm still in good shape from a lot of sport/cardio so my numbers should jump up pretty quick (currently 90kg and 6ft 2)


Don't mind how much experience you have, just want some interesting people to train with.

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Was waiting to see if anyone chimed in... if you were looking for competitive powerlifters, I don't know of any at Club K.  Powerlifters are dotted around the place - some at various City Fitness (J'ville, Thorndon), Les Mills (Hutt) or a lifting gym like Powerhouse or Viking Bros.


Seems to me that most of the Oly lifters are with a club like 41 Barbell or Dark Horse, or one of the CrossFit boxes.  


Otherwise, you might have to inspire some of the other Club K members to join in lifting heavy things. 

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