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grade 2 calf tear


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squatted a pb with very tight wraps.

calf swelled up over the next 48 hours. got to 10/10 pain felt like it was gonna pop.

went to ER, they did an ultrasound to rule out DVT etc, nothing, but grade 2 medial gastroc tear (calf tear) 

no surgery needed. rest for 10 days. physio after 10 days. no squats 4-5 weeks.


I'm going to run bpc-157 and tb500 to promote healing.


anything else anyone recommends? 

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10 hours ago, Bigken1985 said:

How the hell do wraps tear a calf. Maybe caused by all the gear u running. Somehow 

Wraps pull the tendons on the back of the leg pretty tight. Considering people tear calves running it's not that surprising.

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