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Muscles, boobs and implants


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I watched Doctor 90210 last night and there was a figure comp lady on. She was getting breast implants.

Just wondering if muscular women who lift heavyish weights would more chance of damaging the implant due to the larger, stronger pec and heavy workload? The lady in question had the implants put under the muscle.

Do any ladies out there know if surgeons take into consideration the differences between a "regular" woman and a body builder?

I've recently started BBing and I LOVE IT! Depending on my natural abilities I may consider competition(or at the very least just looking FABULOUS!). I know from past experience that when my body fat gets low my boobs basically look like empty socks :disgusted: so implants would be considered.

Any one know anything about implants in relation to a bodybuilders needs?

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I did loads of research on this before I had mine done, and there is alot of conflicting information out there. Most of what I read on forums etc. ladies who had their implants put under the muscle had problems later as when the muscle contracted on the implant, it caused the implant to move and some ended up with their implants under the arms! The surgeons say to have the implant under the muscle so that when you're really lean for a show, the implant is less visible. I decided that it was way too much of a risk (even though a very close friend had hers under the muscle and has had no problems..) so went over the muscle. I figure that people are going to know I have implants when I'm up on stage and at contest condition anyway, and it's only for a couple of days...


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I can't really understand how an implant under the muscle might work... Firstly, isn't the pectoral muscle attached to bone there? How would you slip an implant in? Secondly, the breast sits on top of the muscle, so if the implant goes under the muscle, how will it look like a breast? Finally, how can the muscle contract properly, if there's an implant in the way?

It's all a bit confusing for me... :P

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Recovery after surgery where the implant is placed under the muscle is alot harder as they cut part of the muscle, so there is much more trauma to your body. I was up and about the next day after my operation, still very tender, but not laid up in bed or anything.

This link might help ya: :)

http://www.breastimplants411.com/dbii/a ... icle_ID=94

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I can answer this one, 9 years ago they put an impart under the muscel one side of my ribb cage. i was out of hospital the next day. although i felt fine. i had 6 weeks of work and even then when i went back some times i felt the muscel contract on the implant like it couldnt gripe it and then there was the tight skin thing going on. When i joined the gym just over a year ago i never even told them about it. Last week i had a check up at the plastic surgins. He couldnt find it at first. So i showed him it was right there in the same old place. Completely covered in muscel. I dont even notice it and it doesnt stop me from doing any of the drop sets chest presses or any other exercise.

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