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NZ Powerlifting Nats

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The Nats

Two woman lifters pulling over 200kg and a junior smoking 170kg

* 11 lifters squatting 300+

* 12 lifters pressing 200+

* 8 guys pull over 300+

* 12 lifters going 800+ on totals

Over eighty Powerlifters from Invercargill to Kaitaia travelled to Whangarei to compete in the New Zealand Powerlifting Federation’s National Championships this weekend. The competition was held at the Advocate Lounge in Kensington.

Organisers were extremely pleased with the turnout and the standard of the competition which saw Fifty Four National records broken, and two World records!

The World records were broken by Trish Muldrock (Kaikohe) with an 85kg bench press in the Master 50+ 48kg class, and George Anderson (Auckland) who did a 280kg deadlift in the Master 60-69 82.5kg class.

Best Lifter Results;


Junior Women Under 19 Best Lifter -Tash Armstrong 377.42pts

Master Women 40-49 Best Lifter - Maria Brightwater-Wharf 450.33pts

Master Women 50-59 Best Lifter – Trish Muldrock 427.11pts (Northland)

Open Women Best Lifter

– Jackie Buckly-Gray 474.37pts


Junior Men Under 19 Best Lifter - Shane Lowe 389.75pts (Northland)

Junior Men Under 24 Best Lifter - Shaun Browne 449.17pts

Master Men 40-49 Best Lifter – Steve Lousich 467.5pts

Master Men 50-59 Best Lifter – Tavita Lipine 484.5pts

Master Men 60-69 Best Lifter – George Anderson 412.29pts

Master Men 70+ Best Lifter – Felix Esterbauer 310.15pts

Open Men Best Lifter – Reuben Simanu 510.4pts

Class Results

Junior Men

Under 19 60kg 1st Callum Nichols - squat 132.5kg, bench press 72.5kg, deadlift 140kg, total 345kg

Under 24 67.5kg 1st Jason Greig - squat 182.5kg, bench press 120kg, deadlift 197.5kg, total 500kg

Under 19 75kg 1st Ming Ming Edgar (Northland) - squat 115kg, bench press 82.5kg, deadlift 140kg, total 337.5kg

Under 24 75kg 1st John Strachan - squat 235kg, bench press 130kg, deadlift 210kg, total 575kg

Under 19 82.5kg 1st Jesse Bright - squat 215kg(NZ Record), bench press 115kg, deadlift 220kg(NZ Record), total 550kg(NZ Record).

Under 24 82.5kg 1st Michael Grey - squat 200kg, bench press 142.5kg, deadlift 200kg, total 542.5kg.

Under 19 90kg 1st Shane Lowe (Northland) - squat 235kg(NZ Record), bench press 140kg, deadlift 215kg, total 590kg(NZ Record).

Under 24 100kg 1st Scott Bertram - squat 215kg, bench press 145kg, deadlift 232.5kg, total 592.5kg.

2nd Kurt Mahani - squat 220kg, bench press 172.5kg, deadlift 200kg, total 592.5kg.

3rd Peter Mackle - squat 150kg, bench press 80kg, deadlift 180kg, total 410kg.

Under 24 125kg 1st Shaun Browne - squat 285kg, bench press 215kg(NZ Record), deadlift 285kg, total 785kg(NZ Record).

Junior Women

Under 19 67.5kg 1st Becky Soffe – squat 100kg, bench press 55kg, deadlift 135kg, total 290kg

Under 19 75kg 1st Tash Armstrong - squat 163.5kg (NZ Record), bench press 75kg, deadlift 150kg, total 388.5kg

Under 19 90kg 1st Tulua Sekane-Fraser - squat 145kg (NZ Record), bench press 80kg(NZ Record), deadlift 170kg(NZ Record), total 395kg(NZ Record).

Open Women

52kg 1st Merina Foster – squat 90kg, bench press 50kg, deadlift 120kg, total 260kg

56kg 1st Michelle de Bes – squat 72.5kg, bench press 60kg, deadlift 100kg, total 232.5kg

60kg 1st Tania Green – squat 132.5kg, bench press 87.5kg, deadlift 130kg, total 350kg

67.5kg 1st Serena Perry – squat 142.5kg, bench press 85kg, deadlift 142.5kg, total 370kg

75kg 1st Leigh Matheson – squat 120kg, bench press 85kg, deadlift 140kg, total 345kg

90kg+ 1st Jackie Buckley-Gray – squat 195kg, bench press 135kg (NZ Record), deadlift 220kg, total 550kg.

2nd Sonia Manaena – squat 190kg, bench press 80kg, deadlift 215kg, total 485kg.

Open Men

75kg 1st Telwyn Williamson – squat 240kg (NZ Record), bench press 150kg, deadlift 240kg, total 630kg (NZ Record).

82.5kg 1st Brent McCormack – squat 270kg, bench press 180kg, deadlift 220kg, total 670kg.

2nd Leighton Best – squat 210kg, bench press 175kg, deadlift 240kg, total 625kg

3rd Tipene Mead (Northland) – squat 220kg, bench press 150kg, deadlift 232.5kg, total 602.5kg.

4th Alexei Zaitsev – squat 192.5kg, bench press 150kg, deadlift 210kg, total 552.5kg.

90kg 1st Scott Parsons – squat 267.5kg, bench press 202.5kg, deadlift 180kg, total 750kg.

2nd Craig McMillan – squat 277.5kg, bench press 185kg, deadlift 280kg, total 742.5kg.

100kg 1st Dave Dunford – squat 312.5kg, bench press 205kg, deadlift 290kg, total 807.5kg.

2nd Stan Day (Northland) - squat 260kg, bench press 228.5kg (NZ Record), deadlift 287.5kg, total 776kg.

3rd Nathan Williams – squat 275kg, bench press 165kg, deadlift 255kg, total 695kg.

4th Morgan Holtom – squat 260kg, bench press 170kg, deadlift 250kg, total 680kg.

5th Colin Wright – squat 260kg, bench press 150kg, deadlift 250kg, total 660kg.

6th Richard Mason (Northland) – squat 210kg, bench press 165kg, deadlift 270kg, total 645kg.

110kg 1st Simon Weaver – squat 330kg, bench press 215kg, deadlift 312.5kg, total 857.5kg.

2nd Nick Hansen – squat 310kg, bench press 190kg, deadlift 330kg, total 830kg.

3rd Damon Tafatu – squat 270kg, bench press 220kg, deadlift 275kg, total 765kg.

4th Richard Armitage – squat 262.5kg, bench press 170kg, deadlift 265kg, total 697.5kg.

5th Clinton Haste – squat 240kg, bench press 175kg, deadlift 220kg, total 635kg.

125kg 1st Derek Pomana – squat 300kg, bench press 215kg, deadlift 300kg, total 815kg.

2nd Geoff Smits – squat 290kg, bench press 217.5kg, deadlift 300kg, total 807.5kg.

125kg+1st Reuben Simanu –squat 345kg, bench press 282.5kg, deadlift 300kg, total 927.5kg.

2nd Vilikolo Moahengi – squat 350kg, bench press 260kg, deadlift 300kg, total 910kg.

3rd Phil Townley – squat 320kg, bench press 220kg, deadlift 292.5kg, total 832.5kg.

Master Women

50-59 48kg 1st Trish Muldrock (Northland) – squat 107.5kg(NZ Record), bench press 85kg(World Record), deadlift 130kg, total 322.5kg

40-49 52kg 1st Ali Gascoine – squat 122.5kg(NZ Record), bench press 62.5kg, deadlift 160kg(NZ Record), total 345kg(NZ Record).

40-49 56kg 1st Sarah Griffiths – squat 110kg, bench press 52.5kg, deadlift 122.5kg, total 285kg

50-59 56kg 1st Cherry Wilson – squat 90kg, bench press 40kg, deadlift 120kg, total 250kg

40-49 60kg 1st Maria Brightwater-Wharf – squat 147.5kg(NZ Record), bench press 82.5kg(NZ Record), deadlift 165kg(NZ Record), total 395kg(NZ Record).

40-49 67.5kg 1st Patricia Buckman – squat 95kg, bench press 70kg, deadlift 120kg, total 285kg

50-59 75kg 1st Debbie Turner – squat 152.5kg, bench press 102.5kg, deadlift 150kg, total 405kg

40-49 90kg+ 1st Joy Heta (Northland) – squat 120kg, bench press 90kg, deadlift 135kg, total 345kg.

Master Men

40-49 75kg 1st Paul Bonthron – squat 177.5kg, bench press 137.5kg, deadlift 195kg, total 510kg

60-69 75kg 1st John Toms (Northland) – squat 95kg, bench press 80kg, deadlift 150kg (NZ Record), total 325kg (NZ Record)

2nd Michael Steiner – squat 80kg, bench press 85kg (NZ Record), deadlift 130kg, total 295kg.

40-49 82.5kg 1st Stephen King – squat 255kg, bench press 127.5kg, deadlift 230kg, total 612.5kg

2nd Gerard Anderson (Northland) – squat 175kg, bench press 110kg, deadlift 210kg, total 495kg

60-69 82.5kg 1st George Anderson – squat 195kg(NZ Record), bench press 135kg(NZ Record), deadlift 280kg(World Record & NZ Record), total 610kg(NZ Record).

70+ 82.5kg1st Tom Petricevich (Northland) – squat 115kg (NZ Record), bench press 97.5kg (NZ Record), deadlift 155kg (NZ Record), total 357.5kg (NZ Record).

40-49 90kg 1st Julian Perry – squat 245kg, bench press 137.5kg, deadlift 240kg, total 622.5kg

2nd Ian Pilkington – squat 205kg, bench press 160kg, deadlift 200kg, total 565kg

50-59 90kg 1st Noel Frank– squat 252.5kg(NZ Record), bench press 195kg (NZ Record), deadlift 240kg, total 612.5kg (NZ Record).

2nd Bryan Barrett (Northland) – squat 220kg, bench press 125kg, deadlift 225kg, total 570kg

60-69 90kg 1st Tony Thomas – squat 190kg (NZ Record), bench press 125kg (NZ Record), deadlift 190kg, total 505kg (NZ Record).

2nd Dave Jennings (Northland) – squat 171kg, bench press 100kg, deadlift 200kg, total 471kg

70+ 90kg 1st Felix Esterbauer– squat 165kg (NZ Record), bench press 105kg (NZ Record), deadlift 215kg (NZ Record), total 485kg (NZ Record).

2nd Bill Farrant– squat 85kg, bench press 45kg, deadlift 120kg, total 250kg.

40-49 100kg 1st Joseph Tafua – squat 265kg, bench press 160kg, deadlift 255kg, total 680kg.

50-59 100kg 1st Warren Trent – squat 200kg, bench press 137.5kg, deadlift 215kg, total 552.5kg

2nd Richard Ayton (Northland) – squat 190kg, bench press 130kg, deadlift 215kg, total 535kg.

40-49 110kg 1st Jamie Winter – squat 225kg, bench press 190kg, deadlift 240kg, total 615kg.

50-59 110kg 1st Tavita Lipine – squat 320kg, (NZ Record), bench press 185kg, (NZ Record), deadlift 310kg (NZ Record), total 815kg (NZ Record).

40-49 125kg 1st Steve Lousich – squat 312.5kg (NZ Record), bench press 242.5kg (NZ Record), deadlift 252.5kg, total 807.5kg (NZ Record).

2nd Gary Haberfield– squat 210kg, bench press 155kg, deadlift 212.5kg, total 577.5kg

3rd Alan Heta (Northland) – squat 180kg, bench press 150kg, deadlift 180kg, total 510kg.

40-49 125kg+ 1st Peter Smith – squat 325kg, bench press 230kg, deadlift 265kg, total 820kg (NZ Record).

2nd Lance Stewart – squat 355kg, bench press 182.5kg, deadlift 265kg, total 802.5kg.

Teams Placings

Junior Women – 1st Otago 24pts, 2nd Canterbury 12pts

Open Women – 1st equal Waikato, Bay of Plenty & Central Districts 24pts, 2nd Otago 21pts

Master Women – 1st Auckland 36pts, 2nd equal Northland & Waikato, Bay of Plenty 24, 3rd Central Districts 12pts

Junior Men – 1st Waikato, Bay of Plenty 36pts, 2nd Auckland 33pts,

3rd Northland 24pts

Open Men – 1st Waikato, Bay of Plenty 59pts, 2nd Auckland 58pts, 3rd Northland 21pts

Master Men – 1st Waikato, Bay of Plenty 72pts, 2nd Auckland 69pts,

3rd Northland 60pts

Stay Strong

Train hard

Lift Big

OB1 8)

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