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howdi all


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well were do i start , my names matt , im 23(wen i act my age). i have been bodybuilding (well tryin) for the past 18mths. um i gess the biggest thing i hope to achieve from this site is more knowledge so i can carry on my quest to becoming well built in size and shape.

i gess i am kean if any1 nose any links that can inform me about all the best natural protein filled foods and diets . im currently not on any suppliments but could be kean to start on some basic protein shakes (if any1 can suggest proven brands)

um i gess this is the area to bla on a bit so just a bit more on my current stats( if any1 interested)

6ft tall

97kgs (hoping to reach comfortable 100 before end of year)

bout 16% body fat (according to pinchers test thing by instructor at gym)

managed to just scrape into the '1000lb club' about a yr ago with the following lifts

-125kg max bench

-140kg max bench

-200kg max dead lift

but yea so thanks for taken time to read this and look forward to and feedback


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Looking at those numbers, I'd say you're quite well built as it is! But, if we can help you get "weller" built, we will. :D

A natural source of protein? One word - meat! As for people's favourite protein shakes, there was a topic on this just a few days ago. I'm guessing it's in the Nutrition forum, so have a nosy on down there.

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:oops: oh shucks u makin me blush. lol. na i think ive got the basic shape goin on but definatly would love to get bigger ( as u do). to me i gess a goal for me is wen i can walk down the street and people turn and take another look as u pass them because your size stands out.

but yea cheerz for havin the time to reply . i look forward to explorin the site and debating the odd topic


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