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I agree, Andrew - it is a shame that we have a clash of events on this date, plus on several other days this year (i.e. Apr 21, Sept 15, Sept 29, Nov 3).

Avoiding date clashes gives some competitors more choice of events, but also spectators and sponsors.

I have put a proposal to the other NZFBB Execs for us to try and sort out our 2008 dates as early as possible so we can hopefully avoid most if not all clashes next year. We are dictated to by the timing of certain international events (IFBB Worlds, Australasians etc), and these dates are usually not decided on until late this year or early next year. And then they can change (like this year), forcing us to sometimes move our dates to fit it! :?

Are you planning to compete on Aug 18, Andrew? And what about your local show this weekend in Napier?

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Hey MT or anybody that knows, guest poser moe at the upcoming event.. will competitors be able to see the performance? when do guests usually perform? morning and evening? before half time?

is it always the same of does it differ for each competition/guest?

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To answer your questions, BigJ:

Guest posers always perform at the night show - usually just after the interval, but sometimes before. Competitors are almost always welcome to watch an event from the auditorium - unless it is a sell-out, which means they will need a ticket to guarantee a seat.

Sometimes the timing of the guest posers performance is not decided until a day or so before the event. The best thing would be to be there at the pre-judging and check with one of the officials what is being planned for the night show.

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Yup, this was a great (and loooooong :shock:) show! Really enjoyed it. Nice pics Pseudo!

Were way more male competitors than females, and had alot of quality physiques on show - from the teenage class right up to the masters :nod: One of the classes (think it was the 70-80kgs) had 11 competitors!! The Open over 90kgs, which usually have 2 or 3.. had 7 :grin:

The judging was a bit weird for some classes, but thats just my opinion. There were also quite a few athletes that got disqualified for having swearwords in their routine music too which was a bit harsh huh.gif

Finally got the word from Mark Stewart @ the night show that Moe's BB Comp is set for March 2008 for amateurs to earn some moolah. First 15 placings get cash if I remember rightly.

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Yes, a HUGE show! I was stage marshal once again, and it was a real pleasure to mix with a large number of competitors who were not just superb athletes, but really nice and positive people.

The attitude backstage was fantastic and (although a REALLY long night show - about 5.5 hours) so good to see nearly a full house for the finals.

Probably 70% of the competitors were male, but that was largely due to the large contingent of competitors heading of this week to the South Pacific Games in Samoa.

Great to see big line-ups - 11 in Nov Men 70-80, Novice Men Over 80 (10), Masters Men Over 40 (7) and Open Men Over 90kg (7).

Yep - three disqualifications of competitors for having profane language in their posing routines. It may seem a bit tough, but the competitors have been well and truly warned about it. Several people in the audience may strong objections with the first instance, and once it was dealt with, many people (incl competitors) complemented the judges for taking a hard line. We're trying to promote family entertainment - a lot of kids are in the audience.

I'm at the airport about to fly back to Wellington, but later tonight I should be able to put class names to the great photos provided.

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What was the reason the judges pulled several classes off the stage during pre-judging? Surely it wouldn't have been the profanity stuff then - they don't have posing routines in prejudging. It happened three or four times, and the explanations all seemed very mysterious.

"Sorry folks, it's just a little incident which the head judge wants to address. Now while we wait, let me tell you all again for the fourth time that the evening show starts at 5pm..."

I'd have liked a better explanation, so that everyone knew exactly what the story was, and the "incidents" could be avoided next time.

Anyway, that was only a small distraction and it certainly didn't stop me enjoying the show. Long line-ups of quality competitors, and some pretty close placings... it doesn't get much better than that! 8)

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let me tell you all again for the fourth time that the evening show starts at 5pm..."

that was the biggest joke of them all, it didnt start until 5.50 if i remmeber correctly..

and i dont know about all of the pull offs but i know for the nov men over 80 it was for rings, earings and possibly other accessories.

i saw 2 disqualifications from the music.. im sure one of them was to 50 cent music which contained the word ass 3 times and dope once ( not in a drug reference) is this a little to harsh? the first i understand but what about this one?

all and all was a good show for qualifying for nationals and i cant wait for them to roll around

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M-T did Moe get to do this thing? as i heard he don't.

I think its about time that people that are looking at doing a bodybuilding comp get the right people to help with the preparation. They need to now the rules on whats allow as this saves a lot of time. I help out a lot off competitors to get ready for NZFBB shows and they are all very happy with the out come.

PS I do it for love of bodybuilding and seeing the happiness in the people I work with.

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Did you leave before they made the announcement 2guns? I should've paid more attention :oops: But he basically said he and Moe were now in a partnership and have been working on getting this type of competition up and running for a number of years. In short, it'd enable amateurs to be able to win cash prizes, and I'm pretty sure he said it was the first 15 that win cash prizes.. someone correct me if I heard wrong please!

More info (thanks michaelk!):

The show is an IFBB Elite show, as they have run in Aus. There's also a Pro Show to be run in conjunction, planned for the sunday after the Melbourne Pro on the Saturday.
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