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Avoiding the Post-Comp rebound...

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I'm interested to know whether any of you competing in BB this year or that've competed in the past had any diet plan for the weeks following your competition? Ie. slowly reintroduce food types back in, slowly increase cals.. yada yada yada.

For those of you that've competed - did you find it hard to go back to eating "normally" after the long haul of dieting for so long? Or did you take a break from dieting? Or is there something you'd do differently the next time you compete..?

Just curious smile.gif

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Im not a Bodybuilder but Ive been following alot of Justin Harris's nutrition posts on elitefts.com and he left a post on how post comp nutrition can affect anabolism a great deal. Anyway may be interesting for you guys aswell.

5/29/2007 7:05:35 PM - Sam Byrd

Hey Justin, i just read your plan for ur athletes concerning nutrition after a BB show where they eat alot of clean food for 4 weeks then back to precontest diet for 3-4 weeks before moving on to full offseason.

i have a show in 2 weeks and am performing two 1 hour cardio sessions a day. My question is should i stop all cardio and increase cals at the same time? it seems like this would be a huge calorie jump immediately. is there some way judge aprox how much to increase cals?

also, should i jump back on my same precontest cardio regimine during the 3-4 week mini diet?

thanks for ur time,




I didn't know you were doing a contest, good luck!

After the show, your hunger levels will be through the roof. Your insulin sensitivity will be sky high, and your ability to store water, both intracellular, and extracellular will be sky high as well.

All these items create an environment for high levels of anabolism.

I say take advantage of it. You will be able to eat amounts of clean food that would make you vomit in the middle of the offseason.

Your insulin sensitivity will create a more likely opportunity for those nutrients to be 'placed' where you want them.

And the massive amount of water retention will provide great leverage for training.

After those 4 weeks, you may even exceed your previous offseason bodyweight high, but with less bodyfat than before.

At that point, your metabolism will be sky high, and your ability to shed fat will be very high again.

At this point, head back into a 'precontest diet,' but not quite as severe (don't really need to push cardio as hard as you are now), and after 4 weeks, you will likely be VERY lean, but at a much higher bodyfat than you were when you competed.

The first time I did this plan on myself, I went from a competition weight of around 229lbs, to a peak weight of around 260-265lbs, and then back down to 245lbs after the mini diet.

At the end of the mini diet, I was very nearly as lean as I was at the show, and 15lbs heavier

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